Frequently Asked Questions
Wash and Care
What type of laundry detergent should I use to wash the sheepskin?  Evenpressure medical sheepskins should be washed with a wool-friendly detergent like Woolite.
How do I wash a sheepskin?  Washing an Evenpressure medical sheepskin is extremely easy. Simply wash your sheepskin like a towel in a regular household washing machine on a warm temperature setting (150 degrees or less). We recommend that you put your sheepskin with other items to help balance the washing load, otherwise the process is the same!
After washing the sheepskin looks different, can I still use it?  Yes. Your medical sheepskin will develop unique, individual characteristics. The leather will become softer and patterns may develop. The fleece will become more densely packed and look slightly different. This is normal, in fact regular washing is an important part of maintaining the quality of the fleece and it's natural ability to reduce pressure, minimize sheer and increase airflow. 
Can I dry my sheepskin?  Yes. You can tumble dry your sheepskin on a low to moderate heat setting (150 degrees or less). We recommend taking the sheepskin out of the dryer when the leather is dry, but the fleece is still damp. To complete the drying process, lay your sheepskin on a flat surface and stretch it to its original shape. Avoid direct sunlight. 
Why don't more people use medical sheepskins?  The National Institute of Health (NIH) and many other medical resources recommend medical sheepskins as one of the primary suggested treatments for pressure ulcers. Unfortunately, most people have never heard of using medical sheepskins. Modern medicine is often focused on expensive technology and drug-based treatments; however, lamb's wool sheepskins have a long history of evidence-based success in preventative care. Help spread the word by telling your friends and family about how Evenpressure medical sheepskins can help prevent bedsores.
Will insurance or Medicaid pay for a sheepskin?  Yes, but you will need to ask your doctor to write a prescription for a sheepskin for it to be covered by insurance. You can assist your health care provider by sharing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code, E0189, for lamb's wool sheepskins, pressure reducing support services.
Will Evenpressure help file Medicaid paperwork?  Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with filling insurance claims. We will provide you with the appropriate information and a detailed receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.