Our Story

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates recognized the danger that "...when patients lie a long time in same posture they develop sores difficult to heal," and he believed that "a sheepskin is the answer." 

Decubitus ulcers, also known as bed sores or pressure ulcers, are not a new problem; yet, these wounds continue to cause enormous pain and millions of dollars in unnecessary medical expenses every year.

In 1959, Dr. Luther Davis Jr. published the first article in a medical journal about the potential benefits of using sheepskins to treat bed sores. Although sheepskins had been used successfully for many years to provide comfort for patients with limited mobility, Dr. Davis' innovation was realizing that increased access to high-quality, medical sheepskins could be used to prevent bed sores from developing and aid in their treatment.

In 1960, a group of local physicians and businessmen started The Evenpressure Company in response to a critical need to provide a simple solution that would help prevent debilitating pressure sores. Sheepskins were being used with success in some areas of the country, but the practice was not widespread and the quality of the sheepskins were sometimes questionable. Dr. Davis and his first-cousin Charles Davis Jr. founded Evenpressure based on a need for an effective and affordable product that would be available to hospitals and patients across the country. The company was started on a shoestring budget with no full-time employees, but according to Charles, selling medical sheepskins became one of the most satisfying experiences of his life. 

Through continued medical research and relationships with tanneries in the United States and Australia, Evenpressure worked to develop and distribute medical sheepskins that could withstand continued washing and drying at high temperatures. Over the years there have been many competitors to Evenpressure sheepskins, but none that guaranteed the same quality and results. In fact, for most of our company's history, Evenpressure sheepskins were sold with simply an invoice - believing that once someone slept on a sheepskin they were sold on it!

Persons of limited mobility, burn patients, and those bed-ridden with chronic diseases can all use medical sheepskins to provide comfort when they need it most. Since 1960 the goal of our company has been to provide a simple and effective tool for preventing bed sores and bringing relief to patients needlessly suffering from this painful condition.

In the words of Dr. Davis, "I would like to repeat the qualities of the sheepskin: It is resilient, soft, distributes pressure evenly, dissipates moisture and drainage, spongy, airy, does not wrinkle or produce friction by rubbing or sliding, is easily cleaned and almost indestructible." 

Times have changed and technology has evolved, but there is still no better comfort than an Evenpressure medical sheepskin.

Evenpressure Founders